Who we are



The Outsiders’ Network is for people who, for any reason, feel different from the social norm.

Outsiders find a tension between the desire belong, to fit in with the people around us, and the desire for uniqueness, to be who we really are.

Here at the Outsiders’ Network we assert that both are possible.  True belonging is not about fitting it, it is about being accepted for who we are.

And when we do, worlds open up. Our differences are intensely creative, giving us new ways of seeing and new ways of solving problems. So outsiders are world changers. After all, why would you change things if you were already comfortable with the status quo?

  • We share inspiring stories of real outsiders who have taken their difference and used it as fuel for world-changing
  • We share research on the experiences of outsiders, so you know you are not the only one to feel this way
  • We share resources and products that help outsiders to find confidence to create a life in line with who they are

We recognise that stigma exists, that outsiders can be stereotyped, misunderstood or invisible.  So, the Outsiders Network is also designed to be a place where it is safe to be who you are, to share your story and to get support. Our forum, moderated by other outsiders, is open to members of the Outsiders’ Network, to come out of the closet and reveal your self, your struggles and successes.

The Outsiders’ Network recognises that we are all different, but that we share common experiences of what it is to be an outsider.

The network can only work if it is owned by its members. Come and participate. Join the forum. Contribute articles, pictures, videos, poems or other content that can help to inspire, encourage or celebrate outsiders. Add your voice and make the network all the richer.

Thank you.