Contributors Guidelines


The Outsiders’ Network is just that: a network. We want it to include a wide range of voices and perspectives. We want it to express the richness of a community full of people who think differently.

And that means, if you have something worth sharing with our community, we want you.

Here are three ways you can do that:

1. Join the Community.

Every member gets access to the forum and to interact with other members. Membership is free, but by signing up we can moderate the content and keep members safe from online bullying. This allows you to share your experiences, ask questions and challenges and support others.

If you would like to go further and become a forum moderator, let us know. Forum moderators are trusted members of the community who have the potential to impact many lives, share their expertise and become well known to our members.

 2. Create Content.

Whatever your favourite medium, if you have original content that is in line with our audience’s concerns, let us know.

We are interested in:

  • written materials: blogs, interviews and reviews of good quality writing, between 600 and 1200 words long. Ideally these should also be accompanied by a picture, but if you don’t have one, send us your ideas anyway
  • pictures: photos, works of art, either single pictures or a collection, we are interested in visual representations of outsiders themes
  • videos: of works of art, theatre, interviews with interesting outsiders, documentary footage or other fascinating moving pictures of up to 8 Mb
  • audio: songs or other music on outsiders themes, interviews with outsiders, teleseminar recordings or other audio material up to 8Mb
  • infographics: enlightening visual materials which illustrate your point or take the viewer on a journey.

All content must be original (i.e. not have been used on other online or offline media) and be free of copyright restrictions.

We suggest you get to know the content on our site and read about our audience before making a submission (unless you have already spoken to one of the editorial team). All our content falls under one of the following categories:

Inspiration: Stories of real outsiders who have done something that can inspire our community. They can either be famous or not well known at all. We care more about who they are and what they have to teach us about possibility. Your story can be about yourself or someone else. It can cover a part or the whole of the subject’s life. The person can be well known or not at all well-known. Who you write about is less important than it being true (both in terms of accuracy and in its deeper meaning). If you are writing about someone else, please be aware when you should check with them before publishing.

Previous content in this category includes blogs about Boo Armstrong, health campaigner and gay rights activist; Annys Darkwa, ex-offender and social entrepreneur and Melinda Csikos who overcame anxiety and now helps others find inspiration.

Research: Digestible (but not patronising) explanations of research that is relevant to outsiders and helps them to understand their experience, what can help and that they are not alone. Although we will not be peer-reviewing content, this section is meant for properly researched material, not opinions, untested theories or anecdotal evidence.

Content in this category could include topics like: Imposter Syndrome, loneliness, belonging, shame, communication and language, Third Culture Kids / Global Nomads and so on.

Comment: On the other hand, we do want a space for you to include your perceptions, speculations and insights. This is the place to do that.

Topics in this section may include un-researched but powerfully experienced views about how outsiders respond in different situations. Topics might include subjects like feeling worthy, cross-cultural learning, resilience, homesickness and so on. This is also the space where helping professionals might share strategies and models which help outsiders.

Curation / Review: These are the only sections where some element of non-original content may (necessarily) be included. Outsiders are a creative bunch and the world is full of fascinating content produced by outsiders. Even more, much of it describes the experience of being an outsider. We therefore welcome reviews of creations produced by and evoking the experience of outsiders.

Examples include a review of fiction books like Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; non-fiction books like The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth by Alexandra Robbins; of Radio/TV shows like Goodness Gracious Me (BBC) or of works exhibitions of ‘Outsider Art’.

We also welcome links to fascinating or inspiring content from around the internet.

Why contribute?

In return for creating content for the Outsiders Network, we are happy to give you a credit with a short bio and a link to your own website or social media page. We particularly welcome regular contributors with whom we can build a trusting relationship and rely on receiving good quality content more than once.

We ask contributors to share the link on their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and so on). We will do the same and also email our growing list of subscribers.

We also ask that you are available after the agreed publication date to respond to comments on your blog/content.

We reserve the right to edit content. The Outsiders’ Network retains the copyright on any content that is submitted to us.

 3. Offer your Services.

If you have products or services that you think would suit our audience perfectly, or would be interested in co-creating one with us, get in touch. We are interested in developing relationships where we act as affiliates or partners with trusted individuals who will support outsiders on their journey. We also offer advertising, sponsorship or media partnership opportunities to suitable individuals or organisations.

If any of these ways of contributing interest you, get in touch. We only share products or services of those we trust and believe will of real benefit to our members. So talk to us!

What now?

To pursue any of the opportunities above, write to our editor, Devi Clark at with details of how you would like to contribute. If you want to create content, please also share:

  • details of your idea
  • links to previous writing, pictures, etc as appropriate
  • a short biography
  • a link to your website or social media page if you have one

 We look forward to hearing from you