Weirdness, difference and the power of acceptance

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  1. ON team says:

    Hi Rosie. Welcome to the Outsiders’ Network! What a lovely and open/honest introductory post!

    It isn’t easy being different and I do wonder how many people who are different, for whatever reason, are so honest about their struggles; with others – and, most importantly – with themselves.

    I also wonder about the concept of “normality” sometimes.

    I think it comes down to this; everyone is “not ‘normal’ “, but they can keep this under the sheets for most people they meet, only lowering said sheets for those within their circle(s) to see. And since those in the circles are likely not “normal” either, as they must, at least, have a tolerance for theirs peers who aren’t (making them somewhat “not normal”), they keep things hidden too, as they don’t want to appear “not normal” by association.

    Consequently, we have a society full of small pockets of people (which, collectively, adds up to be *everyone*) who aren’t normal = so who on earth IS “normal”, then…??

    Okaaaay. I need to go lie down for a long time now… ;o)


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